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Nadia Amalia on Becoming Female Leaders in Tech Industry #IWD2023

Happy international women’s day!

On this special day for women globally, Stellar Women would like to feature one of the female leader that has been inspiration for all of us. Please welcome Nadia Amalia, Co-Founder and CEO of Sribuu, a platform for personal finance management. Take a look at our conversation with Nadia Amalia on how female entrepreneurs could bring innovation that supports gender equality for all.

Before we delve into more serious topics, would you introduce the business you’ve been running in, Sribuu?

Sribuu, a personal finance management platform that provides a 360 overview of finances for young Indonesians. Sribuu makes it easy for Indonesians to understand their financial condition by aggregating their financial accounts into one place. It helps users to save more money by identifying unnecessary expenses and giving personalised spending recommendations driven by AI to help them to save more money. Since the launch in 2021, Sribuu has amassed over 500K users, many of whom are women and small business owners.

What is the moment that encourages you to start building Sribuu?

I decided to focus on the personal finance space when my family lost my education fund. That’s when I realised that financial know-how is not only about becoming rich but also about protecting your dreams. It is about how to manage money and finances. This realisation was my turning point at the age of 17, and that’s when I started studying personal finance with the desire to build something in this space

One of the early steps in this journey was helping millennials and Gen Z in Asia who are not able to reach their financial goals like buying a house or saving up for emergencies, become financially literate. At the same time, seeing my friends and family go through financial problems, they felt that it’s a big opportunity to build something that can create a deep positive impact in the lives of Indonesians. Young Indonesians overspend their income by 10 to 20% and only 30% of them are able to purchase a house.

I believe it's not just literacy that people need. “When it comes to implementing the learnings, I realised that people easily get distracted with offers and discounts and start overspending again. That’s why I designed Sribuu as a platform that helps people build a habit of saving and stay committed to it."

What is the most interesting that you have been observing about Indonesian female financial literacy?

It's truly remarkable to see the extent of women's power within the family. Not only do they expertly manage the household, but many also step up as the chief financial officer, taking control of the family finances with precision and confidence. It's inspiring to witness the incredible strength and capability of women in all aspects of family life.

As a female leader in tech start-up, what principles you hold tightly in leading the company?

I believe that one of the most important principles for any woman in a tech start-up is to be resilient and adaptable.

Starting a tech company can be a challenging and unpredictable journey, and it's important to be able to bounce back from setbacks, pivot when necessary, and stay focused on my goals despite obstacles. Additionally, cultivating a growth mindset and being willing to continuously learn and improve can help stay ahead of the curve in the constantly-evolving tech industry.

Finally, building a strong network of mentors, advisors, and peers who can offer support, guidance, and feedback especially with female founders as well can be invaluable in helping you navigate the unique challenges of being a woman in tech.

What makes you feel empowered as a woman?

As a female founder, I believe that my ability to empathize with people is one of the most empowering skills I possess. This skill has proven to be incredibly valuable for me as a leader, as it allows me to better understand the needs of my team and customers. By truly listening to their feedback and concerns, I'm able to tailor our product solutions to better meet their needs and create a more meaningful impact. I'm grateful for the opportunity to utilize this skill and the positive impact it has had on our success as a company.

This year, UN Women brought the theme “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” for International Women’s Day. Regarding the theme, How important is digital adaptation for women in order to develop themselves and their business?

Digitalization is becoming increasingly important for all entrepreneurs, including female founders. With the rise of online platforms, social media, e-commerce, and other digital tools, there are now more opportunities than ever for businesses to reach customers, streamline operations, and expand their reach.

In today's digital age, also having a strong online presence is essential for businesses to reach the audience, build a network with fellow female founders for building support, finding mentors, and sharing insights and advice.

By embracing digitalization, female founders can tap into new markets, streamline their operations, and increase their chances of success in today's fast-paced business landscape.


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