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About Stellar Women

‘Stellar Women’ is a destination for every ambitious lady who working tirelessly in attaining their goals and making it into reality. We connect you to the other strong like-minded and powerful women so you will have the opportunities to share your goals and experiences. We are the safest net for women who need encouragement by lending a helping hand to hold our sister and giving them clear guidance on how to successfully achieve their dreams amidst these challenging circumstances.

We know how hard it can be for women to actually reach their goals, self – doubts, and fears occur or we even get lost along the way, but no worries, because that’s the reason why we are here! We empower you to be brave, ladies, and of course, we will develop your self-esteemed and skills.

In Stellar Women you will be equipped with the best kit to create your version of success and also smart devices on how to build your business empire. On top of that, you will have the opportunity to access our entire exclusive event (Psstt, this is a chance for you to meet all inspirational women with goals just like you!), online resources, and our monthly Power Pods.

The road might be rough and full of uncertainty, but with us, we make sure that as long as we have each other’s back we can conquer almost everything!

We give you the support, network and resources to equip you as you go on this journey of leadership.We want to be there for you, and give you a space to explore, a safe place to belong no matter.

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Stellar women’s vision is to create a home for the unstoppable women who aim high. We are empowering and nurturing women to be the leader they wanted to be and expand their horizons to the greater one.


We cultivate their skills by providing them with inspiration, tools, and connect them with other like-minded individuals to ignite their journey. We will be your guidance throughout your journey in reaching those valuable dreams and goals. The members will be prepared to develop their own business plan and overcoming failures yet taught them to keep on trying.

Meet The Founder

Samira Shihab

Founder of Stellar Women

Debora Gondokusumo

Co-Founder of Stellar Women

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Aliya Amitra

Co-Founder of Stellar Women

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Zhafira Loebis

Co-Founder of Stellar Women

Our Team

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Lala Choirunnisa

Curriculum & Content Lead

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Nurni Sarafina

Content & Curriculum Writer

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Alwiya Shahbanu

Content & Curriculum Writer


Our Previous Partner

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