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Stellar Women Future Leaders Lab Has Announced 20 Million Business Funding Winners!

Stellar Women Future Leaders Lab, a collaboration event between Stellar Women and Lenovo Indonesia to build gender equality in business and tech world, has finally reached its peak of the event after about one month since the event has been held. The program was filled with series of events, starting from kick off, webinar, demo day, to awarding event that was held on this Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

This program was held in accordance with Stellar Women and Lenovo Indonesia’s shared vision in empowering women. Stellar Women with their various programs has been aiming to provide ambitious women a platform to actualize their dreams. Meanwhile, Lenovo Indonesia through its campaign ThinkBook “Do The Unthinkable,” encourages women entrepreneurs to keep being productive and actively innovating to face current business challenges.

For the business competition, more than 83 teams has sent their pitching video. Following various curation processes, 10 teams have been chosen to become finalists for demo day. After careful consideration and judgment from qualified judges, finally 3 best teams has been chosen as the final winners of Stellar Women Future Leaders Lab Business Competition that was announced in their awarding event on August 10.

“Lenovo Indonesia is proud to be involved in this partnership with Stellar Women Future Leaders Lab to encourage women inclusivity in delivering unthinkable technology solutions. At Lenovo, we believe that no one should be left behind in our shared digital future. We are a technology company driven by a vision that is inherently inclusive: Smarter Technology for All. Hence, we strive to empower women entrepreneurs with a platform to create notable innovations in the technology industry,” said Rozana Ridwan, Commercial Marketing Manager at Lenovo Indonesia.

Some of the factors that were used for judging components in deciding the winners are business idea, unique selling point, pitching delivery, and technology in business. The final three businesses that came as a winner in this business competition and has won business fundings with a total of IDR 20 million are Yippy, Sustaination, and Kreasa.

Here are the business profiles of the winners!

3rd Winner: Kreasa

Kreasa is a children creativity center that has vision to help flourishing and developing Indonesian children’s interests, talents, and potentials through various relevant programs.

Kreasa was started by its founders to provide their children’s needs, then becoming a startup that can help parents to find interests and potentials of their children in the future.

2nd Winner: Sustaination

Sustaination is a vertical and sustainable e-commerce, which organizes high-quality sustainable & local products to solve waste mismanagement in Indonesia through individual level.

Sustaination was established in 2018 by Dwi Sasetyaningtyas (Tyas). Tyas started writing her journey in building a sustainable life in Indonesia to encourage more Indonesian to reduce their waste and live more sustainably. When Tyas went back to Indonesia, she realized that enabling changes to sustainable life is not easy in her hometown. The difficulties were caused by limited access to sustainable products. Therefore, Tyas established her owned online shop that was started with her favorite product, menstrual cup. Now, Sustaination products have been expanding to help more Indonesian.

1st Winner: Yippy

Yippy is a gift delivery platform that helps companies to send gifts with more personal and efficient approach to its employees and customers. Yippy helps gift delivery process by providing end-to-end infrastructure to companies.

Yippy is established because gift delivery process is believed as a process that can help companies to build relationship with its employees or clients. Yippy understands how important to maintain practice and beliefs that have been done for these centuries. Yippy provides curated gifts (chosen personally by the experts), recipient-first experience, visibility on tracking, and integrated system.

Besides the three winners, Lenovo Indonesia also offered award to a favorite winner, which is BYNUT, a first MPASI (complementary foods for infants) catering innovation product that is app-based and provides consultation service with nutritionists and pediatricians. The awards will be given based on the amount of like, comment, and share from business profiles that was posted on Stellar Women’s Instagram.

“I want to thank everyone who attended the Stellar Future Leaders Lab. I feel very grateful and proud of the success of this program. As a woman and womenpreneur, I believe this program has succeeded in being the right place to support fellow women, especially in developing their businesses. Can't wait to meet all of you next year with a breakthrough in yourself and your business!” said Samira Shihab, Founder of Stellar Women, Co-Founder & CEO of Tinkerlust.

Moreover, in Awarding Stellar Women Future Leaders Lab, talkshow with theme “Build The Unthinkable Impact” was held with speakers:

- Utari Octavianty, Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Aruna

- Angkie Yudistia, Staff Khusus Kepresidenan

- Rozana Ridwan, Commercial Marketing Manager Lenovo Indonesia

Through this awarding event, the event series of Stellar Women Future Leaders Lab has officially ended. Stellar Women and Lenovo Indonesia hope that more Indonesian women will come with new innovations on their business through productivity enhancement, collaborations, and also creating friendly working environment, especially with technology utilization.


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