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Sheila Wijayanti

Sheila Wijayanti

Career Development and Leadership Coach

About me

Hello! I am Sheila Wijayanti, a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Professional Coach and Certified Trainer (BNSP) specialized in career and leadership development. I started my career in hospitality industry where I got my first international exposure. During my tenure in the hospitality industry, I worked in Singapore, Jakarta and Melbourne. Grown from the hospitality industry, I pursued my next career path in International Sales and developed The USA, Australia and Japan market. Later in my career journey, I found that the biggest pleasure and fulfillment apparently neither comes from achieving huge sales nor acquiring big accounts but it comes from enabling and empowering people. This is why I chose my next career path to become a Coach and Trainer.


2008: SMUK IPEKA TOMANG - JAKARTA (Social Science)

2012: Universitas Pelita Harapan - Bachelor of Hospitality Management



Area of Expertise

Leadership Development, Intra-Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, B2B Sales Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Wellness; work life balance; and productivity

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