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A journey to find joy and radiance through relationships and beauty

Semua manusia ingin bahagia. Melalui cinta, kasih sayang, dan kehangatan dalam hubungan antar manusia yang didambakan. Kenyataannya menjadi bahagia dibutuhkan banyak upaya yang harus dilakukan dalam suatu hubungan. Ada beragam pilihan yang bisa kita lakukan setiap hari yang bisa membantu kita menentukan seberapa bahagia kita sebagai individu dan juga sebagai pasangan. Mengetahui cara melewati setiap tantangan dalam hubungan juga menjadi penting untuk kita pahami. This event will give you everything you need to know about love and intimacy for your own happiness!

Who Should JOIN?

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who is ready to take lead of her life

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Beautiful Soul
who wants to live a fulfilled and happy life

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All Women
who knows how to keep their love life sparks and intimate




Session 1 | Saturday, 18 September 2021 (10:15 - 11:15 AM)

Loving Well Workshop

Discuss the importance of intimacy for our overall well being. 

  • Loneliness during pandemic 

  • The importance of emotional and physical intimacy to spouse, family, and friends 

  • The level of intimacy based on personality type 

  • How to promote intimacy for greater joy in our life

Session 2 | Saturday, 18 September 2021 (11:15 - 11:50 AM)

Intimacy for Greater Joy Talkshow

Learn ways to create joy in their romantic relationship. 

  • Define Happiness 

  • The roles of relationship as one source of social support 

  • Characteristic of happy and healthy relationship 

  • What to do when we feel unhappy in current relationship (conflict resolution in relationship)

  • Happiness activities ideas for couple

What You Get


  • FREE access to full program consisted 2 Sessions

  • Interactive Webinar and Skincare Live Demo

  • Special Gifts from Lancome (for the first 50 registrants)

  • Special Lancome Promo Code to get 100K Discount with min. purchase


  • Shared community group

  • Networking and connection

Official Partner

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