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Hey, Marketers!

Enrich yourself with the knowledge of MARTECH!

Selama pandemi ini,  kegiatan berbelanja konsumen telah berubah secara drastis ke channel. Sebagai brand yang adaptif, kita harus dapat mengambil kesempatan dengan membangun suatu strategi yang berbasis teknologi, bukan hanya cost-efficiency tetapi yang bisa menjadi masa depan untuk marketing technology. Melalui webinar ini, kita akan berdiskusi dengan sesama entrepreneur dan praktisi marketing tentang penggunaan, keuntungan, rahasia teknologi untuk marketing!

Who Should JOIN?

Brand Lipsticks

For the
who want to tap into new opportunities

Creative Work

For the
who want to find unique and powerful ways to expand their reach

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For the
who want to multiply their revenue through marketing technology


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Session 1 | Thursday, 7th October 2021 (3.20 - 4.20 P.M.)

The New Age of Marketing Technology

Discuss how we incorporate technologies in our marketing strategy to adapt and stay in tune with our customers.

  • Top priorities for marketing leaders today

  • Share perspectives about the future of martech

  • Resources (tools or human resources) needed to actualize martech strategy

  • How to monitor and evaluate martech strategy

Session 2 | Thursday, 7th October 2021 (4.30 - 5.30 P.M.)

Intimate Session by Digiads

Join parallel sessions led by DigiAds representatives to know more about DigiAds products.

What You Get


FREE access to the full program consisted 2 sessions

Exclusive Roundtable discussion with fellow founders, CEO’s, Business & marketing practitioner 

In-depth Intimate session with Telkomsel Digiads


Access to shared community group

Wide networking and connection

Official Partner


Media & Community Partner

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