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Week 5

9 February 2021 | 6:30-9pm


Sales - Increasing Profits for Business

With Dessy Bachir, Chief Marketing Officer of Samara Media & Entertainment

What you’ll learn:

Impactful business comes with increasing sales. To produce more sales, a business owner needs to find the best way to attract its customers to purchase the product and stay connected in the future. In this session, Dessy Bachir will guide you on how to maximize cash flow and maintain revenues based on your business activities.


The lesson will include:

  • Generating More Sales While Reducing Expenses

  • Identifying Revenue Streams

Retention & Loyalty

With Nadya Nizar, Founder, CEO, & Designer of Nadjani

What you’ll learn:

Besides maintaining external relations, business owners also need to support and make sure the prosperity of their pivotal workers. Through this session, Nadya Nizar will guide you on how to maintain the job performance and productivity of your employees and also make sure that a sense of loyalty exists within the company.


The lesson will include:

  • Understanding the Funnel

  • Establishing Sales Strategy

  • Understanding The Importance of Retention & Loyalty



Guided Exercise on

Creating Customer Empathy Mapping

Week 4

2 February 2021

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Week 6

16 February 2021