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Week 4

2 February 2021 | 6:30-9pm


Social Media & Content Creation

With Istafiana Candarini, Owner and Director at Kami idea

What you’ll learn:

Untangling the connection between driving traffic, content lifecycle, and content planning to optimalize content for business improvement.


The lesson will include:

  • Custom social & strategy

  • Utilizing Instagram

  • Content remixing


Guided Exercise on

Building Content Map, Categorizing Content Remixing, and Solving Study Cases.

Marketing Collaboration & Partnerships

Carline Darjanto, CEO & Creative Director at COTTONINK

What you’ll learn:

Getting together with another company can help us to scale up the business. Let's discuss about how to be a good partner and gain the most of collaborative advantage.


The lesson will include:

  • Determining the right partners to collaborate with

  • Determining your value and partner's value

  • Endorsement: Yay or Nay?

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Guided Exercise on

Creating Brand’s Story Arc

Week 3

2 February 2022

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Week 5

15 February 2022