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Week 2

19 January 2021 | 6:30-9pm

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Product Development

With Linda Anggrea, Founder & Creative Director of Buttonscarves

What you’ll learn:

We will unfold how to tap into your business purpose and establish a perfect product suite that attracts your ideal customers. 


The lesson will include:

  • Perfect Your Product Suite 

  • Determine pricing structure


Guided Exercise on

Quality Management System & Solving Study Cases

Marketing Segment

With Teresa Wibowo, Chief of

What you’ll learn:

Every group of consumers has different needs and wants. Through this class we will discover how to serve the best market segment according to our business model.


The lesson will include:

  • Identify customer segment

  • Doing customer research 

  • Managing customer growth

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Guided Exercise on

Designing Customer Value Proposition and Solving Study Cases

Week 1

18 January 2021

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Week 3

1 February 2022