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Week 2

19 January 2021 | 6:30-9pm


Product Development

With Linda Anggrea, Founder & Creative Director of Buttonscarves

What you’ll learn:

Product is an essential part of a business that shows the identity of your brand. With Linda Anggrea, you will be guided from formulating product concepts to developing sales.


The lesson will include:

  • Perfect Your Product Suite

  • Determining Perfect Pricing Structure


Guided Exercise on

Quality Management System & Solving Study Cases

Marketing Segment

With Shinta Nurfauzia, Co-Founder & CEO of Lemonilo

What you’ll learn:

Right customers will complete the perfect product. In building a business, it's crucial to identify and understand your target market. Shinta Nurfauzia will help you determine the suitable product or service that will match the customer's needs.


The lesson will include:

  • Identifying Your Customer

  • Monitoring Customer Growth



Guided Exercise on

Designing Customer Value Proposition and Solving Study Cases

Week 1

12 January 2021

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Week 3

26 January 2021