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Stellar Power Accelerator

Week 1

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

18.00 - 20.30 WIB


Session 1: The Power to Launch

Find your WHY and take an initial step in building a business. This is an entrepreneurship fundamentals class for aspiring entrepreneurs, by entrepreneur.

Sati Rasuanto

Co-Founder & CEO of VIDA

Session 2: Building a Roadmap
Business goals are already made, now define multiple steps and organize your team to make that vision become a reality.


Uma Hapsari

Founder of & Author "In My Own Shoes"

Week 2

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

18.00 - 20.30 WIB


Session 1: Product Development

We will unfold how to tap into your business purpose and establish a perfect product suite that attracts your ideal customers. 

Linda Anggrea

CEO of Buttonscarves

Session 2: Market Segment

Every group of consumers has different needs and wants. Through this class we will discover how to serve the best market segment according to our business model.


Teresa Wibowo

CEO & Founder of

Week 3

Wednesday, 02 February 2022

18.00 - 20.30 WIB


Session 1: Personal Branding

Tackling a brand identity can be both intimidating and confusing. But don't worry because we will break it down into this simple step-by-step guide to help crafting your brand identity.

Dinda Puspitasari

Fashion Illustrator, Founder of Dinda Puspitasari Studio

Session 2: Business Branding

Tackling a brand identity can be both intimidating and confusing. But don't worry because we will break it down into this simple step-by-step guide to help crafting your brand identity.


Willis Turner 

Ex- Vice President of Dekoruma

Week 4

Tuesday, 08 February  2022

18.00- 20.30 WIB


Session 1: Social Media & Content Creation

Untangling the connection between driving traffic, content lifecycle, and content planning to optimize content for business improvement.

Istafiana Candarini

Owner and Director at Kami idea

Session 2: Marketing Collaboration & Partnerships

Getting together with another company can help us to scale up the business. Let's discuss about how to be a good partner and gain the most of collaborative advantage.


Carline Darjanto

CEO & Creative Director at COTTONINK

Week 5

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

18.00 - 20.30 WIB


Session 1: Sales: Increasing Profits for Your Business

Getting your customer to buy more with every transaction, making for profit per side for everything you sell.

Desy Bachir

CMO of Samara Media & Entertainment

Session 2: Retention & Loyalty

Discover the customer journey to make a purchase and turn it into a business advantage


Marianne Rumantir

Co-Founder & CEO Of & TS Media

Intimate Session

Thursday, 17 February

18.00 - 19.30 WIB

merry riana_edited.jpg

Merry Riana

Entrepreneur, Investor, Content Creator


Odekta Elvina Naibaho

Indonesia's Women Marathon Athlete , 3 Gold Medal at PON XX 2021


Yenita Oktora

Human Resources Director at L'Oréal Indonesia

When Growth Isn’t Always a Straight Line

Through this roundtable, we will talk with notable women figures whose for them, a failure was a surprisingly welcomed pitstop on their journey to lifelong success.

Week 6

 Wednesday, 23 February 2022

18.00 - 20.30 WIB


Session 1: Legal

This class will covers the basics of determining the correct legal structure for your business.

Rieke Caroline 

Founding CEO at Kontrak Hukum

Session 2: Finance

Money is actually the most important tool to bridge the gap between production and sales. It's a lifeblood of business. We will learn how to manage it properly within this class.


Prita Ghozie

Principal Consultant & CEO ZAP Finance

Week 7

 Wednesday,  02 March 2022

18.00 - 20.30 WIB


Session 1: Digital Marketing

Through this class, participants will learn how to measure marketing performance with the use of proper analytics to help them gauge the success of their marketing efforts and initiatives.

Felicia Aluwi

VP of Marketing Halodoc

Session 2: Fundraising for Your Business

Build your knowledge around raising money for a business and set yourself up for upcoming opportunities!


Dayu Dara

Founder & CEO of Pinhome

Demo Day

Sunday, 6 March 2022

18.00 - 21.00 WIB


Cinta Laura

L'Oréal Paris Spokesperson, Actress, Social Activist


Maria Adina

L’Oréal Paris Brand General Manager - Indonesia

Stand on Your Own Feet

Inspirational figures to share their journey on going all in for what they believe in, showing their potentials and embracing the recognition they deserves.

Week 8

Monday, 07 March 2022

18.00 - 20.30 WIB


Vanessa Hendriadi

CEO & Co-Founder GoWork Indonesia

Session 1 : How to Build a Strong Culture & High Performing Team

Establish your company values and learn how to lead and establish your top-notch team.

Session 2 : Leadership

Strong leadership requires several elements working in harmony to steer the ship. Through this class, participants will learn how to become effective leaders, especially in current digital era.


Lisa Widodo

COO at

 Awarding Night

Tuesday, 15 March 2022

18.00 – 20.00 WIB


Discovering the Courage to Grow

A chit chat session with Najwa Shihab about her journey on going all in for what she believe in and  showing her potentials to the world.

Najwa Shihab

Founder, PT. Narasi Cita Sahwanita (Narasi)

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