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Stellar Learning Events

“Business without marketing is like a fish without water.”

In this super competitive world of business, the success story of a business largely depends on the marketing strategy. 


"Am I aware of the needs of my customers?"

"Do I choose the right platform to sell my products?"

"Are my digital marketing strategies good enough?" 

If this is something you are wondering about, join us at Stellar Learning Events, an exclusive marketing workshop hosted by Facebook dedicated to female entrepreneurs to boost their growth through digital marketing.

This event includes these interesting sessions:

  1. Sharing - Digital Marketing: Converting Followers to Customers With Marvin Mulyadi & Jurian Andre

  2. Workshop - Boost your e-commerce sales in Tokopedia through Collaborative Ads with Aveline Agrippina Tando (Day 1) & Krishna Nugraha A Ricky A (Day 2)

  3. Workshop - Exploring the many sales channels to support your business growth: Online and Offline With Mohamad Iqbal

  4. Meta Experience Center - Metaverse tour with Meta teams

  5. Dinner & Networking


Not only will you get more insights about marketing, but you will also have a chance to network with like-minded peers!

So, book your seat now!

Register on Stellar Learning Events

Register on Stellar Learning Events


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