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Raih Pendanaan CASH > 1 MILIAR Rupiah untuk Bisnismu!

Kompetisi bisnis & Demo Day ini terbuka untuk seluruh peserta AKSI Perempuan. Khusus untuk kamu, pendiri bisnis, yuk segera daftarkan bisnismu untuk meraih pendanaan > 1 MILIAR RUPIAH dan berbagai pelatihan dari Female Entrepreneurs yang sudah sukses!

Hadiah pemenang

1st Winner

Cash IDR > 375 Juta &
in kind Tjufoo Credits @25.000 USD

2nd Winner

Cash IDR > 375 Juta &
in kind Tjufoo Credits @25.000 USD

3rd Winner

Cash IDR > 375 Juta &
in kind Tjufoo Credits @25.000 USD

4rd-10th winners

In kind Tjufoo Credits @10K USD

Keuntungan lainnya jika kamu menjadi Top 10 Demo Day

Proses Pendaftaran Demo Day AKSI Perempuan
untuk mendapatkan Pendanaan > 1 MILIAR RUPIAH

Daftar Jadi Penonton

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Mask group-5.png

Undangan Bootcamp

Mask group-6.png

Pengumuman Top 20

Mask group-4.png






Mask group-6.png

Pengumuman Top 10

Mask group.png


Mask group-3.png

Demo Day

Mask group-2.png

Malam Penghargaan





Alur kegiatan kompetisi bisnis

  • What kind of members do StellarW have?
    We are open to every woman! You can be an entrepreneur, working mom, employee in every kind of industries, freelancer, or others!
  • Where will Power Pods be held?
    Support group will be held in different places such as cafe/restaurant, co-working space or member’s house if member is open for it, we are open for ideas!
  • When will Power Pods be held?
    We will divide groups to weekend and weekday groups according to member’s availability
  • What will I get if pay for membership fee?
    You will be Rocket W’s member and will have access to our monthly support group. You also will receive Rocket W’s special kit which have strategies and tracking to reach your goal. Last but not least, you will get an invitation to our special events.
  • What will I get from the support group?
    You will get to know ambitious and empowered women! We all women will empower each other in order to reach our goals. We believe you will achieve your dreams, if you are focus, and get support from other women!
  • What if I am unable to come to support group?
    Unfortunately, if you are unable to come to our support group in three consecutive months or three times in six months, we will take you out from the group. We understand that you have other priorities but we respect and prioritize women who fully commit. We also try to avoid negative vibes due to your absence.
  • What if I am unable to come to support group after I pay the fee?
    You will get a 50% refund for your cancellation for a month
  • How long will the membership last?
    It will be eligible for 12 months.
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