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Women face many challenges, from balancing multiple roles in their life, to achieving greatness against social expectations. As we’re going through this journey, we often feel alone and without the right resources to achieve our goals.

There’s a few reasons why we want to bring women together. We’ll grow, support, and root for each other. When one of us is having a bad day, we’ll give her energy and our smiles to bring her back up, and we’ll do the same for each other.


Stellar Women is a community for women with goals, whether she is a career woman or an entrepreneur, a creator or freelancer. No matter what stage you are in your career, if you have aspirations for betterment, Stellar will give you the guidance to reach it. Stellar aims to give you  the confidence and encouragement while also cultivating your skills and connecting you with other like-minded and passionate women.


Never underestimate the power of community! I always know my own goals and dreams, but ever since I join Stellar Women community, I now know milestones or the smaller achievement that I should achieve and celebrate. I also meet new people that are different than my own circle, which fuel my spirit to be a better person.

- Selviana Dara H.

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